Designed the "FILTER" panel on left. The screen above shows "Lesson Cards."
This is another view of the same screen above that shows "Lesson Slats." A user can easily toggle between card and slat view.
The FILTER Panel on right shows, "Grades 6-8" is selected with the results on right.
Each CARD has a "FLIP" icon in the upper right corner. This screen shows the upper left corner card flipped over (light blue) to reveal more information.
Lesson Overview - When a Card is selected the user is brought to the Lesson. 
Lesson navigation bar shows STANDARDS selected. An interactive map helps a user get more information on state standards. 
A tab below the navigation bar reveals a panel displaying more lesson options.
Here the Author button is selected. 
I designed all these screens, their functionality, and the icons . 
Thank you taking a look.
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