What to expect when you work with me: It’s a collaboration. During the process, I will meet with you several times at different stages to get feedback. This hands-on, no-surprises process I’ve developed ensures that your product is exactly the way you want it!
Robert created a striking cover which simply and elegantly conveys not only the meaning of my book, but its essence. Without being overpowering, the cover grabs the attention of potential readers and draws them in. Despite minimal guidelines from me, Robert designed exactly the cover that I didn't even know I wanted, and I absolutely love it.
- Julie Morgenlender, editor, The Things We Don’t Say: An Anthology of Chronic Illness Truths
The process:
Via form below: Send me a description of your book and the salient information I’ll need for the job. Please include descriptions of any characters that might be making an appearance! Include links to three genre-specific already published book covers that you love. 
Let me know what extras you’ll want--social media banners, artwork for ads, a character alone to grace your website.
Via email: I’ll send you back a schedule and contract, and we'll go from there!
Via Zoom: We'll check in several times during the process. ​​​​​​​
Author Name:
Name of Book (and subtitle if there is one): 
Series name (if there is one):
Genre and age group:
Book Blurb:
Top three main characters and descriptions:
Copy and paste the scene of the book you'd like to reflect in the cover, if there is one. 
Provide three links to cover art in your genre you love: 
List everything you are interested in for your quote (cover, book design, logo art, and any marketing extras):
Copy the questions above and paste into the form below along with your answers!
Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you about your project! -Robert
Bob's talents, instincts, and professionalism made him the perfect artist to work with for the cover for my book. Our Zoom sessions developing character sketches were a great collaboration between my ideas and his artwork. His finished cover was truly wow-inspiring!
- Tom Franklin, author of The Pterrible Pteranodon
Bob is a hard-working designer and an artist with ideas and perspectives to spare! I’ve worked with him on lots of projects and I’m always impressed.
-Kristen Wixted, publisher and editor at Writers' Loft Press
Bob makes me look my best when he designs my books' interiors and cover. He is brilliant and a very fast worker--he often comes up with new ideas that are far better than my own! It's no surprise to me that my workbook won an award this year--I credit his amazing book design!
- Heather Kelly, author of IPNE award-winning workbook: Jumpstart Your Writing in 30 Days
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