Robert Thibeault is the head designer at TeaBow Studios and is available to hire for all your book creation and design needs. He loves designing covers, book layout, logos, web banners, etc. 
Robert is a member of The Writers’ Loft, a nonprofit writing community in Sherborn, Mass., and an active member of NESCBWI. 
As a writer/illustrator, he has worked on cartoons, commercials for television, and comic strips. His work is influenced by Hayao Miyazaki, John Tenniel, Beatrix Potter, Jules Verne, and Roald Dahl. Robert is also the father of two amazing daughters who are his inspiration for writing empowering stories for girls.
Grand Moff Colbert
This is a poster design chosen from thousands for the "Art Stephen Up Challenge" contest for the show. A winner was chosen each week, but Mr. Colbert liked my poster so much it was left up for well over a month. Since the portrait was taken down it has found a new home and can be seen on permanent display at the Worcester Historical Museum (Worcester, MA) in the "Harvey Ball Exhibit." He designed the "Smiley Face".
"The Colbert Report" portrait clip (starts at 02:15)
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